Wedding Photography – Calling the Shots!

Our Simple Shot by Shot Checklist for Wedding Photography

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We asked for his failsafe list for great wedding photography.

“It’s great to have a list of the shots you want on the day. Meeting with your couple before the day will allow you to make a note to include any special or unusual shots they want such as special groups, family pets or pictures at a special location.”

In addition to these, make sure you cover…
• Getting ready
• Arriving at the church
• The ceremony
• Details throughout the day
• Bride by herself
• Bride and groom together
• Families of the bride and groom
• Big group shot and bridal party
• Speeches
• Cutting the cake and first dance
Let’s break it down a bit;
Start the day at the bride’s house. Shoot detail pictures of her dress, jewellery, shoes, bouquet and follow her to hair and make-up appointments. This is also a good time to get more formal shots of the bridesmaids and bride as well as her father.
Get to the church half hour before the ceremony and get candids of guests arriving as well as the groom with his best man. Detail shots of the church help set the scene.
Arrival of the bride as she is helped out of the car and bridesmaids fussing. Longer lens shots and close ups work well here.
Now it’s time to be a reportage photographer; bride walking down the aisle, grooms first view of the bride, exchange of vows, rings, first kiss. Make sure you know whether you can move around the church during the ceremony. Signing the register is a traditional shot which is usually a re-stage. Next is the walk out down the aisle. Remember as soon as they exit the church they will be swamped by well-wishers so grab a shot in the doorway!
This is a great time for lots of candids of laughter and emotion or even tears. Keep shooting.
Moving on to the reception is a great time to do some of the more formal shots, while guests are offered champagne and canapés. A great tip for a large group shot is to use a ladder and get everyone’s attention with a whistle! Keep shooting after the first shot as everyone relaxes. Make it look spontaneous and fun not stiff and staged. Maybe get the couple grabbing a kiss at the centre. Don’t forget all the other formal groups the couple have requested, using the best man to round everyone up for you.
Plenty of candids through the speeches and reception and finally the dancing – avoid lots of flash photography and go for creative blurry light effects. A perfect end to a long day!

Above all remain calm and make sure your clients are happy with the end results!



Organic cotton baby clothes

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Today’s parents are savvy about quality products for their babies. Moms-to-be use their 9 months before their baby enters the world to learn how to provide a better life for their child. One of the big, yet simple ways moms have learned to provide comfort and care for their babies is providing organic baby clothes for their wee ones’ sensitive skin.

What is organic clothing and why is it important for your baby’s health and comfort? Where does one find such clothing? How does it compare to other clothing in comfort and cost? Let’s look at these questions and gain some new knowledge that will make your child’s first years the best they can be.

What does ‘organic’ mean, anyway?

Organic cotton baby clothes are made from cotton that is grown organically. That means that chemicals and pesticides were not used in the cotton fields. The manufacturing process that takes those balls of cotton to produce the material is done organically as well, without chemical processes or synthetic additions. Even the closures are made of wood or some other sustainable, organic material.

What is the benefit for your baby?

The main benefit for your baby is that the organic cotton and the clothes made from it tends to be much softer than their non-organic or synthetic counterparts. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, especially in the first year. Abrasive material can scratch delicate skin. The chemicals used to make non-organic clothing can cause an allergic reaction, or at the very least some discomfort for your baby. We all know that when a wee one is uncomfortable she will let you know how she feels—loudly.

How does the cost compare to non-organic baby clothes?

Due to the different processes that require more care in the growing stages of the cotton and the manufacturing process in creating the cute, little outfits and the cost of certification there is a price bump for organic cotton clothing. 

Why is production more costly? There are several reasons: Producers tend to take better care of their workers. Those costs are relevant to the price tag. They do not use sweatshops, either. These are just a couple of the significant reasons why the clothing costs more. They must offset those costs by passing them on to their consumers.

Organic baby clothes are available at a huge variety of outlets both on the high street and online.  Retailers such as Dot & Co also have a large presence at trade-shows and babyshows as well as featuring in relevant magazines.

How do I know what’s organic and what’s not?

The texture of the fibres tend to be softer than non-organic materials. You can feel good about using organic cotton clothing because the material tends not to cause allergic reactions on baby skin. Have you ever noticed that some clothing has a sort of ‘dust’ on it that comes up in puffs? The good news is that organic material does not give off that effect, therefore the baby is less likely to have respiratory issues. Organic material is also very moisture absorbent, meaning that wetness will be pulled away from the baby’s skin. Considering how wet babies tend to be, that is very good news, indeed.

Is cotton the only game in town for organic baby clothing?

No, not by a long-shot. There are other materials that are good for the baby’s skin and good for the environment due to the better, healthier growing and manufacturing processes. Many are also defined as ‘sustainable’, meaning that the raw material grows quickly, and is less likely to be used up completely. In addition to organic cotton you may want to look into some of these organics:

·       Jute

·       Silk

·       Wool

·       Hemp

·       Bamboo

·       Leather

·       Recycled fibres

A Dads Perspective: My daughter can date anyone – just so long as he’s a dentist!

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A very famous male pop star recently said that when his baby daughter grows up, she does not fall for a man like him. As a parent of two girls myself; I have to second that. I hope my daughter does not fall for a man like Robbie Williams, either. Arrogant tattooed dancers, however famous and rich, are the last sort of man I want for my Bess and Gracie! So who would do? It is an old cliché that no father wants his daughter to fall in love with another man at all, and I always thought I would feel the same way.  But then, the first time I held each of my newborn daughters in my arms, I realised that my job is to look after her as well as I possibly can, until someone else comes along who will love her as much as I do, and look after her when I’m gone. But who? Who? For God’s sake, please not an older man. A boy in the year above at school, would be just about ok but definitely not some 28-year-old bloke in a Ferrari, who pulls up outside the school gates wearing sunglasses and takes her to nightclubs full of the sons of foreign despots, buys her champagne, and is rude to bar staff.  And not a fat bloke or a smoker, who will spend his short life sick, then die. But not a fitness obsessive, either, because they are so, so boring. And not some vegan hippy type who will make her live on a commune and only cares about what happens to animals, so that I have to support her until the day I die. But then not a super-rich man, either; because they are all evil. Nor a premier-league footballer, because they are thick and dishonest. And not a politician, a banker, a lawyer or a management consultant, because they are parasites and create absolutely nothing.

But then not an inventor or a farmer because they are always depressed and wind up killing themselves. However a doctor might be ok. Doctors are useful and make a good living. But then doctors are always psychos – which comes as a result of cutting people open. Plus they are always at it with the nurses and are terribly smug. A dentist, on the other hand, would be perfect: extremely useful, hardworking, skilled, well-paid, but usually quite humble and always with a photo of their family on the desk. So, it’s good that’s sorted and really quite liberal-minded of me, I think. I will allow my daughter to go out with anyone she likes, as long as he is a dentist. And not until she is old enough, of course which I’m thinking, for the sake of argument,  will be when she’s around 50. I’m sure she will understand.

Great ideas for Cool Baby clothes

organic baby clothes

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There are so many choices when it comes to dressing babies. Little layettes are nice for the new born with the simple clothing, snugly socks, and matching blankets. After the first few months at home with mum, it is time to get out and explore the world. It is exciting to get out with the baby buggy and run about with your little one, isn’t it? But, those plain outfits that were good enough for home really don’t quite cut it when you want to show off, do they? New parents will want to find cool baby clothes to show off their cool baby to everyone who wishes to take a peek at the babe in the buggy.

What is cool, anyway?

Each of us has a different idea of what defines cool. If you are into fashion, you will want to dress your baby fashionably. Hats are really making a come-back in fashion. A baby in a driver cap is totally cool. The kid looks like he is ready to go for a little ride. Fashionable fedoras bring back the style of the 60s, and that is brilliant!

Today’s parents are a breed apart from their parents in many ways. Young adults enjoy wearing shirts with witty sayings that tell people what they really think about the world around them. Those same young people are also the parents of the next generation, and they enjoy dressing their babies in clothing with witty sayings, too. How about a shirt with, “Party! My Crib! 4 AM! Be there or be square!” That is a fun message that let’s everyone know the parents are cool, and the kid is too.

Where can you find cool baby clothes?

Big-box stores will have inexpensive t-shirts with fun sayings or cool graphics on them. Young adult clothing stores for music fans and the hip crowd will most likely have little versions of their parents clothing for you to consider.

You can also take your own ideas and design your own with blank shirts and either iron on or sew on something to make it special and one of a kind for your little friend. A cute, homemade knitted hat and mitten set made by you for the baby is also pretty cool and definitely very special.

Driver caps, fedoras, beanies, and caps are easy to find. Most baby clothing stores will have the usual beanies, bonnets and caps. As for the fashionable driver caps and little fedoras, you may have to look in specialty stores or shop online for a wide selection.

Cool Sports fans will appreciate cool baby clothes.

Whether you are a fan of Football or Cricket, or American sports teams you can find colourful hats, shirts and other clothing to show off your team spirit with your baby, too. Just visit the team stores or go online to the team website and check out the team store that way to find something that pleases you. At the start of the sport season the prices tend to be a bit on the high end, but as the season winds down the prices do drop and at the end of the season or during off-season the clearance prices are more manageable.

There is no limit to where you can find fun, cool baby clothes. If you can’t find it in a store or online, you can always create a one of a kind item for your baby.

How to care for baby clothes

Baby skin is delicate, so you will need to take special care of your baby’s clothing. The softer the material the less likely the skin will be affected. Using better, gentler cleaners that rinse out completely will assure that your baby’s skin will not develop painful rashes.

Before you dress the baby in that cute outfit…

The first thing you should do when you get home from a baby shower, celebration with gifts for the baby, or shopping trip is to wash those clothes before they ever touch the baby. Some manufactures use harsher detergent than the detergent we use at home. The cleaning process may not rinse the chemicals completely from the clothing. Use a gentle, perfume-free detergent to clean baby’s clothes. If you can, dry them in the sun.

What detergent is best for baby?

In most cases, special detergent is not really necessary, unless you are aware that the baby has particularly sensitive skin or known allergies. Generally speaking, you should simply avoid detergents with perfuming agents. One way to learn whether the detergent you currently use is okay for your baby is to wash a couple of outfits with your regular load. Dress you child in those outfits and monitor whether there is any skin reaction present. If no rash occurs, than it is likely that the detergent is just fine for your baby. Read the care instructions on the labels for temperature and special care recommendations. Caution: Never use bleach on flame-resistant clothing, ever. The bleach will reduce the effectiveness of the flame-retardants in the material.

You should avoid using fabric softeners that stay in the material to create that soft feel. Instead use vinegar in the final rinse cycle, which works as a natural fabric softener.

What to do if your baby does indeed have sensitive skin.

If you already know that your baby has sensitive skin you should look for detergents that have no dyes or perfumes in it. Some babies are prone to baby rashes like baby eczema or contact dermatitis. If that is the case, you may need to provide looser fitting clothing and rinse the clothing twice before drying to assure the chemicals have been removed.

How to deal with stains.

Your little darling is going to spit-up from time to time. In fact, quite often. She will drool a great deal during her teething months. And she will certainly make messes as she learns to master the art of feeding herself. Stains are a part of baby life. You can use a few easy steps to reduce the damage these stains cause:

·       Soak clothing for 30 minutes before washing in a warm water and detergent solution.

·       You can pre-soak stains right away to prevent them from setting into the material.

Some stains respond well to lemon juice. Apply the lemon juice to the stain for 1 hour before you wash the outfit.

·       Soak soiled clothing and cloth nappies separately from the other clothing.


Types of baby clothes for the first year

It can be a challenge to know which baby clothes and how many of each to have on hand over the first year or so. And then there are friends and family who want to help by buying clothes for your baby, too. Have you ever gone to a clothing store and saw the number and types of clothing for babies and simply didn’t know what to buy, how many, or even what size?

First, there is the question of whether to get pink or blue, and then there is the question of which clothing will be appropriate for a new born, and then a 3 month old, and then a 6 month old and on until the first year. The sizes are usually described by age, weight, and length of the baby. But, other than the age, who other than the parents will know the weight and length of the baby? So, how do you know where to begin? Let’s see if we can break it down.

The first 3 months of a baby’s life.

A baby will grow very quickly during the first few months. Limit the number of outfits to perhaps 20 or less. Of course, the babies will spit-up and make other messes on the outfits, so they will be likely be changed a couple times a day and need to be washed at least a couple times a week. Keep it simple when choosing the clothing. Plain white bodysuits or ‘onesies’ are fine in the first three months. The imaginary choice between pink and blue is really not necessary. The baby will be sleeping at least 18 hours in day so colour really doesn’t matter. And mum will be glad not to deal with colour issues when doing the laundry.

New born weight on the clothing tags through 3 months ranges from about 3.3 kg to 3.4 kg. And the lengths range from 431.8 mm to 584.2 mm. Due to healthier mums, many babies are born larger than these sizes. To make it easier for mum to dress the baby look for snaps at the shoulder to help with getting the neck opening over the baby’s head and snap closers at the crotch to help with changing nappies. You want to find the softest material possible. Organic cotton is the softest available and it really helps to keep the baby comfortable and less irritable.

As the baby gets older, T-shirts are a great choice, either plane or with colourful pictures or witty sayings. Don’t fret so much about boy or girl colours. Instead, think about the personality of the parents and the baby when selecting the colour and designs.

Seasonal wear for babies.

In the cooler autumn and colder winter months you will want to get comfortable, warm clothes that are also easy to manage.  Mums will appreciate the one piece outfits with feet to keep the baby snug and warm. Look for snap closures rather than zippers. Delicate skin can get pinched by a wayward zipper. Snaps will help with nappy changes.

During the warm spring and warmer summer months, you will want to find one piece jumpers with snap closures at the crotch, comfortable leg openings that don’t pinch and larger neck openings or snaps at the shoulder. Babies really don’t like it when clothes are raised over their heads and they will complain of their discomfort.

How should the clothing fit for safety?

You will often hear that the clothing should fit snugly. That seems too open-ended for defining comfort doesn’t it? The sizes on the labels meet the CPSC standard to define what is snug for babies. If you see a yellow tag that means the outfit is snug, but not flame resistant. Flame resistant clothing means that the material will not ignite easily and that it will self-extinguish when removed from the flame. Comfort and appearance is certainly important for baby clothing, but safety must be kept in mind.


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